Tell your lawmakers: Stop all discriminatory religious exemptions legislation in 2016!

Georgia lawmakers are stockpiling discriminatory anti-LGBT legislation that would grant sweeping religious exemptions that could give "license to discriminate" under the guise of protecting religious liberties.

Bills like RFRA (SB 129), the Discrimination Defense Act (HB 756), and the so-called First Amendment Defense Act/Pastor Protection Act (HB 757)—just to name a few of the more than half dozen discriminatory bills under consideration—would allow any individual or business to ignore laws and could be used to refuse service, and discriminate against gay and transgender Georgians, same-sex couples and their families.

Urge your lawmakers to stand with over 270 faith leaders, major businesses and tens of thousands of fair-minded Georgians and reject any and all "license to discriminate" legislation in 2016.

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