Lawmakers: Georgia is better than North Carolina. In 2017, drop the anti-LGBT attacks.

The economies of North Carolina and Mississippi are grinding to a halt. Daily, their reputations are lambasted by national media. And now the Tarheel State has a federal lawsuit on its hands. All as a direct result of passing shameful anti-LGBT laws.

But still, despite this overwhelming proof that state-sanctioned LGBT discrimination is BAD news, some Georgia lawmakers are threatening to revive their anti-LGBT crusade when the legislature returns in 2017.

Georgia did the right thing this year by laying HB 757 to rest. Next year, we will continue to lead the region, in business and in civil rights—but only if lawmakers commit to dropping the anti-LGBT attacks. 

Send a message to your legislators now urging them to stop the anti-LGBT crusade next year and focus on important policy issues facing our state.


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